Wednesday, November 19, 2008


"A desire, longing, or strong inclination for a specific thing."

Nowhere in that definition do I see the term "magical," and I can't help but thinking that's what a wish is. A wish is more than just a desire or a longing - for couldn't those terms be considered the same as "wanting?" And wishing is more then that. A wish happens when you take a desire, sprinkle it with pixie dust and send it off on the back of a shooting star, a clock face declaring 11:11 or the candles on a birthday cake.

If a wish were just a want, we wouldn't have any qualms sharing them with each other. But I know once my wish is made, it can't be told to another soul - I hold onto it tightly with secrecy, because if I tell, I'm sure it won't come true. Spilling a wish is like taking back the pixie dust, and all of a sudden it's as though the wish has lost it's wings and can't continue on to whomever or whatever force it is that will catch it, hold it, then send it back to earth as a reality.

Wishing is one of those things that hopefully, you never stop doing. It doesn't matter if the wishes are silly or simple, lavish or large - they should always be made. If you stop wishing, it's as though you've stopped believing. And if you stop believing then you stop reaching. And If you stop reaching, you start settling - and you can't settle. No matter what. If you want something, long for something, desire something - you've got to close up those eyes and wish. You can't ever let yourself get caught up in the web of doubt and forget about the magic in wishing.

Recently, without even really noticing it, I think I got caught in that web. I stopped wishing. It wasn't that I stopped on purpose, it was just that, after telling my friends it was 11:11, I'd think to myself "I wish..." and my thoughts would go no further. My mind would swirl, searching for the end of that statement, but nothing would come together. Then the moment was gone, and I gave up, feigning success instead. & I think, what was happening, was that I was mixing up the magic of wishes with the limits of reality. Wishes aren't meant to have boundaries, but lately, instead of going with whichever wish came first to my mind, I'd start thinking about whether it was logical or not...could it ever come true? You can't do that with wishes. Impossible is nothing when it comes to wishes. It may take some time, it may occur when you least expect it, or it may manifest itself in a way you never imagined - but wishes do come true, I promise you. & at the very least, making a wish will ensure that you never stop believing.

Last night, during a semi-argument with a friend, I began a statement directed towards him with "I wish..." I finished the statement. I didn't think about it, I simply said it. Then, later on, I didn't think about it either, because it was such a large wish, such an unlikely thing to come true.

But today, to my surprise, it did.

I think it's safe to say I can wish again - as I hope you can, and will continue to.




Jamiee Love said...

I like your thoughts. Sometimes life makes us forget that not everything has to be difficult all the time. Sometimes wishing really does work.

Also, I hope you don't mind, but I wanted to tag you in a blog game. Visit my blog if you wish ;)

Casey said...

Yeah, wishing is magical. It's fun, it's whimsical, it stirs up our minds and gets us thinking. It's a great aspect of cognition and that's the greatest part of being human.

But you didn't see magic in the dictionary's definition of dreaming because it isn't supposed to be there! People don't get things from wishing, they get them from action. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE your optimism. But wishes aren't going to come true with pixie dust and secrecy. Wishes, prayers, dreaming, make believe... they're humanity's ingredients to ideas! Use those ideas. TELL EVERYONE! Two minds are better than one, right? Imagine what a cluster of minds could accomplish? You have readers... share your dreams! Share your wishes! Share everything with an empathetic audience who you might inspire... THAT'S how your wishes will come true.

Dream Girl said...

I certainly agree with your comment Casey, and I fully believe in the power of action towards making dreams come true - after all, if I never took any action, I wouldn't have graduated high school, or gotten into college, or most recently, been accepted to a study abroad program in India.

However, sometimes there comes a point where you can't take your actions any futher. That's when you have to leave the rest to the wishes, the fate, the destiny - whatever you want to call it.

My acceptance into the study abroad program has to do with the actions I took, sure - going to the office, filling out the paper work, writing the essay, sending it in - but I was never completely sure it would ever happen. Due my father's recent passing, my grades slipped and I didn't meet the GPA requirements. In fact, I was rejected. - but I said to myself, "If I'm meant to go, it'll happen." and then I let go. Low and behold, I recieved an email earlier this week telling me I had in fact been accepted. My case traveled all the way to India and was reviewed personally. I truly believe that occured because I am meant to go in December. Otherwise, it never would have gone beyond that rejection letter.

Somethings can be acted towards, and others, well, you just need to have a little faith and magic.

Chiara said...

Very nice post.