Tuesday, December 9, 2008


"one of the small, feathery masses or flakes in which snow falls"

What a charming definition that is - "small, feathery masses." They truly are. Snowflakes are like mini clouds. Or tiny tuffs of dandelion that got stuck in heaven and froze on the way back down. Fairy pillows. Or, when they land on lips and cheeks - angel kisses.

There's a reason Maria calls "snowflakes that land on my nose and eyelashes" one of her favorite things in The Sound of Music

I know they're cold, and I know they can cause a few headaches in the form of shoveling and slippery roads, but I can't help but positively love them. The magic of nature never ceases to amaze me - and when the first snowfall occurs, I rush outdoors in an attempt to catch the first feathery mass of the season on my tongue.

They can be so beautiful (before the plows come and muddy it all up that is). & they make me stop and live. When I'm at home and my mother asks me to shovel the drive, there's a reason besides laziness for my hesitation (although that's probably part of it). I want to enjoy the tiny jewels before I scurry to sweep them away like a dirty little secret.  Sometimes I wonder if the men who drive the plows, and make money by ridding the roads of snow, ever look at the sparkling blanket and think "Gee, this is gorgeous." If they don't they probably should. At least for a brief minute. It seems a shame to try and melt away God's glimmering creation before wondering at it's beauty for a moment or two. & I must say, a good snowball fight equals quite a bit of fun and therapy (No hidden rocks allowed).

We had our first snowfall over the weekend, and I'm always amazed at how well my friends & family know me. I seem to have this inherent belief that no one listens to what I say. Perhaps it's because I'm capable of talking quite a bit. As Anne Shirley puts it "I know I chatter on far too much, but if you only knew the things I want to say but don't. Give me some credit!"  But either way, apparently they listen when I gush on about snow. Even though I was home for the weekend, I received numerous texts from friends at school on Sunday informing me about the "SNOW!! <3"

Luckily, I knew we'd be getting some in my town as well, thanks to family members who like to fuel my excitement. "It's supposed to snow tonight, you know" I was told on Saturday evening. I did of course. & the next day I ran to the window and pulled back the curtain like a kid hoping to find a wonderland that meant no school. Alas, it was only an inch or so, but it was enough to make me smile with delight. 

This is the perfect time to listen to song #3 on my playlist... Dean Martin's "Marshmallow World." You can't go wrong with that voice or those lyrics. "It's a whipped cream day... I wait for it the whole year round!"

When we get our first Nor'easter... don't blame me (if you don't like snow that is). I've only been wishing for one nightly. Of course, if you do enjoy it, then by all means, thank me later =]




Felicia Jane said...

aww your so cute I love you and your love of snow, you make my heart smile and I absolutely love your child-likeness in it.
don't ever lose it or else we will have to search and find it for you.
I love you my sbfassle and in only two weeks you and I will be romping in snow (hopefully)!

Chase said...

Nature never ceases to amaze me.

It instinctively points me back to its Creator - to Something bigger and grander than all of this. Something beyond universal.

It's an amazing world we live in. No matter how twisted, forsaken or conflicted it is, simple natural treasures inherently whisper "There is Reason beyond this grime. There is hope."

Thank you for sharing your perspective, and drawing my thoughts to the sights around me I might be missing everyday.

:) Keep writing!

Killerwit said...

I read your contribution to One-Minute today and wanted to express my appreciation for the warmth you wrote into my world today.

Your online-spawned relationship sounds wonderful and true. I hope the initial encounter in D.C. is the stuff of.... dreams.

doug said...

Wow! Really lovely writing. Never had the pleasure of seeing a snowflake but it must be special to inspire such prose.

Anonymous said...

"I know I chatter on far too much, but if you only knew the things I want to say but don't. Give me some credit!"

i can very well use it on my friends next time ..

where in India are you coming girl ??

n Keep blogging and reading mine too :)

Julie said...

Visiting from SITS...I love the snow too. Don't get to see it much in the desert :)