Monday, June 4, 2012


My focus has returned, and with it comes excitement and impatience at finishing my second novel, which takes the reader on a journey to India. For a while I was having trouble finding balance. Some changes in my life, mainly a fulltime “grown-up” job as a reporter and a relationship (a big deal considering I was perpetually dubbed “the single one” by my friends), meant I had new things to juggle, and my writing suffered as a result.
            But I’ve come to the realization that the only thing truly standing between my being a mediocre juggler and one who can go up against the best clowns in the circus of life is ME.
            A little more dedication, organization and focus by me for me is all I need, and that can be done by no one but me. See where I’m going with this?
            Why is it some people stand in the way of themselves? It seems rather silly and yet it’s quite prevalent. There’s more than one person in my life whose stuck their foot out and tripped themselves along what could be an easy path to success. I can see, despite adamant claims that I’m ready and willing to trudge forward and make things happen, there are times I’ve been guilty of that as well.
            Maybe it’s fear of the unknown, a fear of failure or even a fear of success, which I suppose go hand in hand and are really one and the same. For some, sticking with what you know, even if it means never advancing, is easier. It’s safer. My own father did this. Despite working at the same company for years and being smart and adept at his work, he never advanced. It wasn’t for a lack of opportunities either. He just chose not to take promotions when they were offered. Instead he chose routine and familiarity and never having to worry about failure or what a newfound success might mean.
             But lucky for me I have support on all sides, refusing to allow me to get stuck in that sort of cycle. They gently push me forward while watching to make sure I don’t trip over my own feet. I’m thankful for them. And luckily, I don’t want that for myself either, despite what my recent lack of center might suggest. I love making my dreams come true. It’s such a fantastic feeling. Every time I cross off a goal that’s been achieved and add a new one to the list, I feel elated.
            So, this lack of focus and nonchalant “I’ll find time for it later” attitude, are no longer welcome. Writing is my passion and my job, and as such, I need to find dedicate time to both my passion and my job and my life, not either or. The time is there. But it’s up to me to utilize it, just like it’s up to you. Don’t hinder yourself.
            In other news, I missed blogger and the community that comes with it. Utilizing the blog on my website just wasn’t cutting it. As a result, I’m back! Makes sense, no?

 So... hello again bloggerverse :)

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