Monday, January 25, 2016


"a force or influence that causes someone to do something."

With January nearing an end, I have to admit I haven’t gotten started on some of my goals and resolutions for 2016. Specifically, my goal to blog more in the New Year has, up until today, been completely neglected. In fact, I haven’t written on here since June! Well, I’m here now, and better late than never. A lot has happened since June, and there’s a lot I’m looking forward to in the coming year. I truly feel anything is possible if you put your mind to it (no, really. Positive thinking can work wonders and I absolutely believe in manifestation).

But along with following along in the footsteps of the Little Engine That Could—I think I can I think I can I think I can—I’m aware there’s more to it than that. Positive thinking is vital, but sitting at home pondering the things you’d like to accomplish won’t quite cut it; concrete steps and plenty of work needs to be put in as well, and that’s where a good dose of motivation comes in.

I’ll be the first to admit sometimes I’m lacking in that department, and finding focus has been an ongoing issue (as illustrated in this post and this post, both about dedication, determination and making excuses). But! Despite the late start, I’m going to work to mitigate their effects this year and, quite frankly, get shit done.

That being said, an important question to ask is, what motivates you? Seriously. Stop. Take some time to think about that question. Write down your answers. Think about it some more. And then, any time you feel like quitting, any time you feel like making an excuse, read that list. Remember what motivates you and then be a dream catcher; a goal digger. Make things happen.

I’ve done some thinking of my own on that subject, and some the things that motivate me include:

My family

The family I have now, and the family I will have. I want to be successful so I can help family members if they ever need it—so my hardworking mama can relax and not have to worry about finances as she ages. So I can share my success with those that I love and use it so we can continue to enjoy some of our favorite activities (see: travel, travel and more travel!)

Successful people

Being happy for someone else’s success doesn’t mitigate your own. Just because someone else has already achieved the job you want, the recognition you want, the level of fitness you want, the financial security you want—whatever it is that you also want—doesn’t mean you can’t have it, too. Success isn’t a commodity that runs out like bread and toilet tissue do the day before a snowstorm. There is a limitless supply of success out there, waiting for anyone who wants to put in the work to get it! That’s why other people motivate me. Don’t let another person’s success make you jealous or insecure. Let it fuel you. Commend them for the hard work they’ve already put in, and then think to yourself, “they did it—so can I!” 

The planet

This is such a remarkable place, and I often wonder how it is that so many people are compeltely disconnected from the fact this planet is our one and only home. It’s all of ours. It’s the only place quite like it. And yet, we’re destroying it. While I think space exploration is great and “Yay—water on Mars!” and all that, I hate to think of a time when future generations may have to live elsewhere (if we even find an "elsewhere!"). Or live on an earth with empty oceans and a lack of rain forests. I hate to think of a future where I have to tell my children, “Do you see the polar bears in this book? When I was younger, they were still roaming the earth.” And so, even though sometimes it seems positively hopeless, thinking of the planet motivates me to take steps toward doing all I can to mitigate my impact on this spectacular home we all share.


I was raised to believe in complete compassion (as opposed to selective compassion, which only extends so far, to fellow humans and/or specific animals such as cats, dogs, horses etc.,) I was raised a vegetarian, and am endlessly glad my mother chose to put in the effort to raise all five of her kids that way; to put in the necessary research, all that time cooking and making homemade tofu (no such thing as Whole Foods back then!) etc. to raise her littles in such a way that we could regularly be heard saying in response to the “why don’t you eat meat” question, “Animals are my friends and I don’t eat my friends.” I still feel that way. I love animals - all animals. And so, animals motivated me to remain vegetarian even after I left home. And now, after learning more about the connection between the meat and dairy industry and the myth behind the marketing gimmick “free-range,” they motivate me to live a vegan lifestyle, even in the face of three-cheese stuffed crust pizza.


I deserve to be happy. I deserve to be healthy. Those are the reasons I need to eat well, keep running and do more yoga. Those are the reasons I need to keep writing, whether or not anyone reads it. Those are the reasons it’s ok to remove people from my life who only bring drama and negativity. Those are the reasons it’s ok for me to take time for myself, to splurge every now and then on some of my favorite things. To dream. To plan grand vacations. To buy the occasional latte. To take bubble baths. I deserve it all. *Eat like you love yourself. Move like you love yourself. Speak like you love yourself. Act like you love yourself.*

What motivates you?

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