COMING SOON... The re-release of Geeta's debut novel Reaching Riverdale!

Annebelle Roth was afraid. She was afraid she'd get stuck in the small New England town she grew up in, afraid her high school boyfriend Riley would break her heart, and afraid a lifetime of regrets would follow them if they never left. And so, they broke up. One headed to California, the other New York City, and the years passed away.

Now Annebelle’s back. With two degrees in her pocket and plans to stay no more than a couple of weeks, she’s still convinced small-town life couldn't possibly mean a happy life – but things don't always go as planned.

Riley’s returned as well, and Annebelle begins to discover eight years apart hasn't stopped the butterflies from fluttering in her stomach at the sight of him. But is it too late for them? The girl who wanted Riley in high school is still vying for his attention—and it appears she's finally getting it. And Annebelle’s own experiences make it harder than ever for her to believe in a fairy tale ending.

But with the help of her family, friends and Riverdale's residentsincluding the crotchety old baker she fondly dubbed Mr. Sourdough, her best friend Meredith, and a stranger with more ties to Riverdale than it first appearsAnnebelle might just discover the town she was so determined to run from is the very place she's meant to call home.