Geeta decided she wanted to be a writer when she was nine. A year after winning her first writing competition (which garnered her a free week at summer camp!), her fifth grade teacher read a story she'd written aloud to the class. That day, her mind was set. “I like writing,” she'd thought to herself, “and I must be alright at it if my teacher shared my story, so... why not be a writer?"

Many things have changed since that fateful day, but her goal of being a writer has never faltered. Geeta graduated from Endicott College with a degree in communications and a journalism concentration, and spent as much of her education writing as she possibly could; she wrote poems, short stories, published articles, won various competitions and interned with two luxury lifestyle magazines  – Boston Common in Boston, Massachusetts and Jade Magazine in Hyderabad, India.

Most recently she worked as the assistant editor of a Connecticut newspaper and a freelance writer for BookBub and Saffron & Sage

She's currently open to more freelance writing and editing opportunities and is working on the rerelease of her debut novel, editing her second, starting to write her third, as well as planning two children's books.

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