"There is a fundamental inefficiency at the heart of American business. It is right in front of all of our faces, and yet we fail to recognize it. It’s the fuzzy, terrible writing we slog through every day at work. And it’s costing American businesses nearly $400 billion every year."  
– Josh Bernoff, Author of Writing Without BullshitBoost Your Career by Saying What You Mean
Do you have a product you'd like to sell? An idea you want to share? A thought you'd like to coherently express? Let Geeta help you with that.
It's easier than ever for people to design their own website, craft their own copy, and send it out into the world with the click of a button. But just because you can do it, doesn't mean you should. 
A well-designed website, an Instagram profile full of attractive photos, a great product or service, an amazing sale – these are all important things to think about, but the quality of your writing is no less vital when it comes to professionalism.
Keep the focus on your content; don't let your audience get hung up on a misspelled or misused word, the lack of a comma or poorly structured copy. 
Geeta has been passionate about the craft of writing and obsessed with grammar since she was called a "Teacher's Pet" in 5th grade. Now, that passion is coupled with over a decade of experience writing and editing content for books, newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs, cover letters, social media posts and more.
Geeta believes passion leads to perfection – and that's the kind of content she aims to create for her customers.